A Bridge to Our Best Self

I Do Art, So You Don't Have To

I Do Art, So You Don't Have to.

Dar Freeland’s Alchemy Series is soft, fluid and spiritual. Dar created this series as an exercise in remote vision and distance healing work, through art. Her Alchemy paintings speak the language of an inner cosmos – what the artist intuitively perceives as she meditates on a person working with emotional or physical challenges.

The paintings are much like peering into deep space, or awash within one’s inner space…a journey to share whatever the audience chooses to see…

The original Alchemy Series was produced with Fine Art Watercolor on paper, with Dar’s technique of using a palette of glass atop a light box – with a system of “pulling” the pigments across the page.

Original works of art, limited edition giclee prints and digital works on file are available for purchase or license, to any party with a vision for their own Interior Design, Corporate or Hospitality, Surfaces, graphics, Products and more. We are actively seeking licensing agreements.

The Face Up™ Brand is dynamic, screaming color madness…with images of faces both contemplative and satirical…overlaid with messages by Dar. The text that emerges from the paint ranges from subtle to “in your face.” The bold energizing surfaces are peppered with concepts from comical to profound, all different roads to express the Artist’s philosophical musings.

Immersed in the Face Up™ experience, one cannot help emerge from this chaos of color … a fusion of emotion and thought … feeling lifted, enlightened and worthy of letting out a laugh in the mirror…the possibilities laid out before us all to choose, and choose again!

All of the Artist’s work is, as she describes, is “A bridge to our best self…” and she sets out to express just that. Whatever it is we think about ourselves, we are even deeper, richer and stronger than that. We are filled with infinite possibility!

The Face Up™ body of work is destined to be a licensing empire and is ready for use on a multitude of surfaces and products. From Apps to Zillions…this body of work has unlimited potential. To express your interest in purchase or license, connect with us and share your ideas and interest for this compelling work….

Please contact us at license@darfreeland.com